Mindful Mothering Challenge Kick Off – Inner Work

The Mindful Mothering Challenge is now available as a FREE PDF!!!!

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  1. I may have to participate in this.
    I probably really should.
    I’m such a procrastinator, though, that shouldn’t be an excuse not too.
    I’ll go to Carrie’s site to get a better understanding and go from there.
    I really could stand to be the best momma possible.
    To quote my friend Tracy, “this is one job I don’t want to fail.”
    As always, loving you. (as in this blog)

  2. Jess – there is still PLENTY of time to jump on board for the last 9 challenges. You can pick up the first 11 after. No rush!!!! These are intended for you to take your time with. :) XO

  3. Okay. Jumping in, with both feet.
    Starting with Warmth.
    I really hate that I raise my voice with my 3 year old or sigh in frustration heavily, because she always knows what that means.
    Then I have to explain to her that I’m upset with my inability to be/do everything for her and her sister. Which of course she doesn’t completely get.
    Jumping in, I TELL YOU!

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