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Tis’ the season to lose your mind! Ok, not really. But for the majority of North Americans, November and December tend to be rather overwhelming…in a wonderful way of course!

Thanksgiving and Christmas can often take a mother’s stress to a whole new level. Not only is there the normal care and feeding of her family and home but all of the tasks related to holiday plans (be it guests in your own, travel, or a small dinner) suddenly take center stage. Moms lose their minds, children feel the stress, and the spouse or partner (if there is one), hides under a rock for a couple of months.

I made some rather lofty assumptions just now. You see, the holidays do not stress me out in the slightest. I love Thanksgiving because other than having my in-laws visit, I really do not have to worry about much. I always am in charge of desert but I LOVE pumpkin as you all know so making something pumpkiny to share at Thanksgiving is a cause for celebration for me. (Plus I test a million recipes beforehand and who wouldn’t enjoy that!) Christmas is not a holiday we celebrate in our home. My side of the family celebrates it so again, all of the holiday craziness falls onto my parents. (Love you both!) Other than making or shopping for a few gifts and sending out Christmas cards, I guess I have a pretty stress free holiday season.

In the spirit of the Mindful Mama Carnival, I would like to take this opportunity to focus on Mindful Parenting Resolutions for 2012. Many of these practices I already employ, others have fallen by the wayside, and still others are a work in progress. However, I think that this list serves as an excellent reference for ways in which you can be a more mindful parent both during the holidays as well as all year round.

Let’s start with the ABC’s of Mindful Parenting. You can find A-M below then hop over to Touchstone Z to read Mindful Parenting Resolutions Part 2, letters N-Z.

Acceptance of WHO your child is. When you accept your child’s inherent personality and general approach to how he or she lives life, it becomes easier to mindfully parent your child. When you fight who your child is, you are in essence rejecting the center of their being which only serves to “unground” your child.

Boring and monotony are par for the parenting course, especially when children are very young. Days are repetitive as they should be. I know that my days are an endless cycle of domestic responsibilities and caring for Tiny, my husband, and our pets. Some days it seems like I just do the same thing over and over day in and day out. But instead of looking at this as “boring,” a mindful parenting approach would insist that you simply view this as what needs to happen during this particular season of life.

Creativity is a must when you have children! Mindful parenting also means getting creative in how you parent. Mixing various parenting approaches until you find the blend that works best for your family is key. There is not a one size fits all approach to how to be a mindful parent. Mindfulness is what you make it. The other side of creativity is the actual creation of crafts, stories, and food. It is vital that children have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and create!

Dedicated to mindfulness. Mindful parenting is not something you can successfully do half-ass. If you are going to practice mindfulness, you must be dedicated to it fully. Sure there will be slip ups here and there and that is ok. It’s called being human. But once you decide to venture away from the more mainstream parenting techniques, you have to consistently be a mindful parent. Failure to do so will cause much confusion for your child.

Encouragement! Children need encouragement but be weary of “good jobbing” your children to death. Instead, boost their own awareness of their abilities by simply stating the obvious. “You built a tower all by yourself. You must be proud?” This does so much more for your child than “good job” does. Honestly, did your child do a “bad job” if they failed to build a tower? I didn’t think so. J

Fill your child’s cup up daily! Fill your child up with love, support, warmth, and the opportunity to be a child!

Guidance – loving, gentle, balanced guidance. Mindful parenting involves guidance and support in the most peaceful manner possible. Children do not need parents to dictate and command constantly. Children need parents who provide firm boundaries that are lovingly and consistently enforced. Children will naturally fall into a behavior pattern based on the guidance parents provide. If parents constantly demand and dictate, children will tend to push back resulting in a lose- lose situation.

Harmonious home environments.
If a child lives amongst chaos and discord their behavior will likely mirror what they see. A home filled with joy and harmony will allow a child to more fully thrive.

Ingenuity in creating an environment safe for children to play, grow, explore, and learn in while not “childproofing” it to the point that child have no access to anything they need to learn and develop skills. Exploration, touching, smelling, and yes – tasting are all a part of development. Young children need a safe environment to do this in but at the same time should not be stifled. Mindful parents call forth the powers of ingenuity in creating a space inviting and hands on for children.

Just do it! Dive into mindful parenting with abandon. Let all of those worries, concerns, insecurities, and doubt just float away. Know that you CAN be a mindful parent and with consistency and practice it will soon be more natural than you thought. The more you overthink it, the harder it will be. So turn yourself over to mindfulness with all of your heart and soul.

Kindness is key. Remember the Golden Rule? Treat others as you would want to be treated? Mindful parenting means modeling kindness both towards yourself, your family, your friends, and strangers.

Love, all you need is love. Children must be shown love through physical warmth (hugs, kisses, cuddles), through emotional warmth, through words, and through action. Fill up that love cup all day, every day!

Modeling! Mindful parenting means modeling the behaviors and actions you want to see in your child. Instead of always “teaching” your child, simply “do” the very thing you would like your child to do. Children love to mimic and this is how they learn best. So show them what mindfulness looks like by modeling that daily.

Don’t forget to head over to Touchstone Z to read the rest of the ABC’s of Mindful Parenting.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the 1-2-3′s of Mindful Parenting.


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  1. Wow, your list is awesome. My favourite one is ‘J’ because that’s really all it takes to be all that we can be as mothers and live in true consciousness.
    Joy to you and yours!

  2. Thank you for participating thrice in this Mindful Mama Carnival! I am honored to be hosting part 2 and looking forward to reading part 3. I learn so much from reading your posts.

    One of the things that struck me on this post was something I hadn’t thought about in this way, “boring.” I realized that while I’m stepping away from teachable moments, I still feel there should be something going on all of the time. I have been equating boring with a failure on my part in some way. I’m going to allow that time, along with my discomfort with it, and see what I learn. This might be interesting…

  3. Lovely, Jennifer… brought a deep smile to my face. Love this… “Dedicated to mindfulness. Mindful parenting is not something you can successfully do half-ass. If you are going to practice mindfulness, you must be dedicated to it fully.” and the bit about ingenuity in creating an environment for the child to explore and grow. So, so true. Now I get to read the rest! Much love.

  4. Thank you for this excellent & thoughtful post, so full of ideas that I have printed it out so i can read again & your post motivated me..

  5. I tweeted, I shared on Facebook & I am printing as we speak to put the ABC’s of Mindful Parenting up on my fridge!! Thank you so much for sharing this, the more parents who read this, the better off children will be.

    Terri Babin

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