When Will I Wean?

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This post was written for inclusion in the Carnival of Weaning hosted by Code Name: Mama and Aha! Parenting. Our participants have shared stories, tips, and struggles about the end of the breastfeeding relationship.

Today I am hostessing a guest post from a lovely mama as part of the Carnival of Weaning. I had all kinds of things I could have written about today but honestly, something held me back. Down the road I will share my thoughts but for now, I am going to go breastfeed my 3 year old baby and let you enjoy this sweet post.

As I look down at the gangly long legs and full head of hair that have replaced, almost by miracle, the tiny whispy-haired baby of yesterday, I reflect on our nursing journey. When she was still just a bump people asked me if I planned to breastfeed and for how long. ‘Definitely’, was my response, ‘The World Health Organization recommends two years breastfeeding for maximum benefits to mother and child’, I would inform them. 

Then she was born and breastfeed I did. Through jaundice, cracked nipples, mastitis and an unexplained daytime-only nursing strike, we continued to work together to develop and grow our breastfeeding relationship. 

Now she is 22 months old and the 2 year point that seemed so far away when she was still a bump is almost upon us. Now the question people ask me is when I plan to wean. There are the days when nothing goes smoothly and I feel frustrated by breastfeeding. Those are the days that I fervently search the internet for weaning tips while her dad soothes, calms or helps her off to sleep. Ultimately, those stormy days pass and are forgotten. What stick with me are the days when she smiles up at me with my breast still in her mouth and lets go for just a moment to tell me that she loves me. And the times when she has been sick or upset and the only thing that helps her to feel better is mummy milk. 

I feel so lucky to have this special relationship with her and I marvel at how my body has grown and nurtured this little person for the better part of 3 years now. 

I don’t quite know what weaning will look like for us yet. I am contemplating weaning on a daily basis, looking for something that resonates with me. Something that is sensitive and gentle, and will continue to nurture her once the nursing stops. Intuitively, I’ll know it when I find it, just as I have known which path to chose at other forks in the road we’ve faced before this one. Until that time comes, I will enjoy the ride while it lasts, because the morning when she doesn’t ask to feed or the night when she falls asleep without milk are just around the corner. When that time comes know that I will mourn the loss of this relationship, so special it has been to me. I’ll just have to be sure to embrace my new found freedom from breastfeeding.

About Sarah: I am a mostly stay-at-home mum of one amazing girl born in 2010. We live in Australia now, after moving home from London when baby girl was 3 months old. I feel like I found my life’s passion when I became a mum. I crave information about parenting in a way I wish I had craved learning when I was at university! I can see the possibilities for my daughter becoming limitless as I try to be kinder, more generous and wiser and show her how to be this way too. Our little family of 3 follow the principles of natural/attachment parenting. In my other life I am an Occupational Therapist.

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  1. Embracing the newfound freedom – I never think of what I’ll be gaining, only what I’ll be losing. Thank you for making me rethink what weaning will mean.

  2. I think you are looking at this the right way, Sarah! Thank you for sharing your space, so she could tell her story, Jennifer.

  3. I can totally relate to this post! My daughter is 17 months and there are days, like this week, where she has a terrible flu bug and nursing is the only thing that comforts her. I am so thankful to have it in my mama tool kit. Thanks for sharing your experiences:)

  4. Weaning is often at the forefront of my mind, but I’m determined to last until her next birthday (4 more months until she is 3yo).

    I think a lot of women don’t even start out intending to nurse a toddler. But, as HoboMama has said, you don’t start out nursing a toddler and they don’t become one overnight. We take it day by day… the nursing relationship will fade away eventually…

  5. Sarah — I just love this: “Intuitively, I’ll know it when I find it, just as I have known which path to chose at other forks in the road we’ve faced before this one. Until that time comes, I will enjoy the ride while it lasts..”
    So much wisdom and trust. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for a beautiful post!


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