75 Lessons My Daughter Has Taught Me

Motherhood (and fatherhood) brings an awakening to life. Living alongside a child, whose view of the world comes from a place of honesty, purity, and awe is such an incredibly powerful experience.

My worldview has been rocked now that I am a mother. Everything about the way I think, the way I feel, the way I express myself has changed for the better. Being a mother has forced me to stretch my wings and to grow into a better human being.

Tiny is my most persistent teacher. Here are 75 of the hundreds of lessons that she has taught me in her three short years.

  1. Roll down grass hills while laughing
  2. Have patience
  3. Stop and smell the roses
  4. See the good in everyone
  5. Life is always worth living
  6. A dirty rock is more entertaining than television
  7. Be quick on your feet
  8. There is nothing wrong with throwing caution to the wind
  9. Emotions are to be expressed
  10. Laugh often
  11. Love unconditionally
  12. Forgive and forget
  13. Be honest
  14. Be curious
  15. The imagination is beautiful
  16. Dance in the rain
  17. Coloring is a form of meditation
  18. Sing loudly
  19. Life does not have to make sense
  20. Don’t worry so much
  21. Not everything has a deep meaning
  22. Live each day like it is the last one you have
  23. Money does not bring happiness
  24. Even the toughest days are to be cherished
  25. Tantrums aren’t just for children
  26. It is ok to have an off day
  27. Walk barefoot
  28. Love your body
  29. Fairies are real
  30. Every day is a surprise
  31. Every day is an adventure
  32. The path less taken is always the one to choose
  33. Don’t conform
  34. Dance like no one is watching
  35. Silence is golden
  36. Mother Earth is to be cherished
  37. It is ok to admit you were wrong
  38. Get messy
  39. Simple is always better
  40. Chores can wait
  41. It’s the little things
  42. Cherish the moments
  43. Enjoy the journey
  44. Go ahead and cry for no reason
  45. Look up
  46. Look down
  47. All you need is love
  48. Ask for help
  49. Accept help
  50. Be grateful
  51. A smile goes a long way
  52. There is nothing more beautiful than pure intentions
  53. Never go to bed angry
  54. Be free
  55. Explore nature
  56. Show reverence to even the tiniest bug
  57. Eat dirt
  58. Rules are made to be broken
  59. Guide don’t dictate
  60. Find the “yes” in “no”
  61. Embrace and conquer fear
  62. Let go
  63. Sleep is overrated
  64. This too shall pass
  65. You never really have things figured out
  66. Relax
  67. Breathe
  68. Ignorance is bliss
  69. A kiss can really ease the pain
  70. Showers are overrated
  71. Savor the world around you
  72. Create often
  73. It does not matter what anyone else thinks
  74. Stomp in puddles
  75. Bare your soul

What are a few of the lessons your child(ren) have taught you?



  1. I love these, Jennifer! Coloring as a form of meditation may be my favorite, but I, too, have learned the lesson that tantrums are not just for kids. I’m pretty darn good at them!

  2. Love this. :) I made up a similar list when my oldest daughter (now 14) was one. They have a lot to teach us!

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