5 Conscious Parenting Posts You May Have Missed in 2012

Today I thought it would be nice to share a few posts from 2012 that you most likely missed! These posts are ones that I have written but that were not published on my own blog. While I link to these posts on my Facebook page, I always forget about mentioning them on my blog. (Although I do have dedicated page for Guest Posts I Have Written).

Check out a few of these posts if you are so inspired! The links here are all to conscious parenting related posts. I’ll do another round up of health/real foods posts tomorrow! Also, be sure to check out my year end wrap up from yesterday!

Pushed Too Far, Too Soon? The Over-Intellectualization Of Childhood appeared on Loving Earth Mama (who by the way is one of my favorite bloggers!) In this post, I try to shed some light on the following:

  • When did being a child become a liability on your future?
  • When did being allowed to simply do children’s work via exploration of the world around you and good old fashion play become a privilege, an extracurricular activity, and not a right?

Ten Ways To Have A Harmonious Home appeared at That Mama Gretchen. In this post, I share how I have been able to foster a gentle, supportive environment for my sweet three year old Tiny. It isn’t easy and perhaps you will glean some inspiration from my trials and tribulations!

Ten Things I Am Glad I Did Not Know Before Becoming A Mother appeared on I Thought I Knew Mama. This post apparently was a bit of a tear jerker. Grab a Kleenex and get ready to get all mushy inside!

New Mothers Need To Be Uplifted, Not “Encouraged” To Fail appeared on Living Peacefully With Children. For me, this was a very important piece to write. As a new mother, I was very uplifted by my small but mighty support network. Had I not had these people guiding me gently, I would have fallen prey to the prevalent comments from friends and strangers that I would indeed “fail” in my natural parenting efforts.

Last but not at all least, I dug deep and shared a very personal post over at De Su Mama. In Mother First, All Else… I share why I am a mother before any other identity! While many, many people argued with me about this on Facebook, the fact of the matter is that I am trusted with another life. My husband can take care of himself. My daughter cannot. My role as mother will evolve over time but today, I am a mother above all else.


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