Coconut Oil for Constipation

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Backups happen. Sometimes they are within our control and other times they are not. Either way, constipation sure isn’t fun! I mean, who wants to be stuck on the throne for hours and hours, red-faced, bored to tears, pushing with all you’ve got, just to see a pea sized nugget of nothing at the bottom of the bowl.

Not me thank-you-very-much. In fact, I can think of 1,000 different things I would rather be doing than trying to force out something the size of a lentil while there is still something the size of a basketball waiting for the right exit strategy.

There are a myriad of reasons why we humans get so dang constipated these days. Most of it is related to our food and toxins, both in our home and environmental. Stress certainly doesn’t help the matter (pun intended) and it seems like we are all stressed beyond belief these days.

Quick disclaimer – I am required to clearly state that I am not a licensed medical professional nor do I pretend to be one on this site. Take what I write as a launching off point to do your own research. My advice, experience, and suggestions are not to be considered medical advice.

Coconut Oil To The Rescue!!!

Coconut oil is known for its ability to move things along smoothly and swiftly. I know from experience as coconut oil took me from the “grrrrrrrr uuuuuuumph arrrrrrr” stage to the “finished already, I just sat down” stage in record time.

Coconut oil eases constipation woes because it is fibrous and it cleanses the colon very effectively. It also increases your metabolism rate letting your system break down food faster and more effectively which can lead to an increase in the frequency of bowel movements. (Which means smaller, softer poops).

Starting from your mouth all the way to your rectum, coconut oil purges, repairs and strengthens your entire digestive system, particularly your colon. It balances your stomach pH and assists to improve the tone of your intestinal muscles. All of these are “anti-constipation” activities.

*Fair warning – I am about to talk about lubricating the poop chute.*

Constipation isn’t just about the pushing and grunting. No, it is also about those lovely little friends called hemorrhoids. Seems like constipation and hemorrhoids like to wreak havoc together. The more you strain, the more those hemorrhoids come out to play. The more hemorrhoids that come to the party, the less likely you are to want to poop. Just sayin’. No one celebrates the arrival of a hemorrhoid by hopping aboard the porcelain throne and pushing for a few hours.

Anyhoo – if you want to prevent those nasty little buggers from ripping you a new one (seriously – can you tell I am having fun with this post???), then you might want to use some coconut oil internally. You know, lubricate the poop chute a bit. That way, whatever little marble you do manage to pass, has a better chance of sliding out without waking up the hemorrhoid brigade. And if you need some relief from those little demons of destruction, try rubbing some coconut oil on them. It helps. I promise.

Moving things along… I am about to write something important. (I wrote that so you would pay attention in case you zoned out a bit after the last section of info).

Coconut oil CAN in some cases cause constipation or even severe diarrhea. Read my post Can You Overdose On Coconut Oil for more information on that.

I can’t end this post without mentioning one of my favorite pooping apparatuses. Seriously, I would be lost without it. The Squatty Potty has truly revolutionized my bathroom posture. The reason I mention it now is because it truly helps to have a good pooping position. A lot of constipation related issues can be resolved simply by changing how you physically position yourself to poop.

I will leave you with that for now, but please come back here on Saturday where you can learn more about the Squatty Potty as well as WIN one of your own. And hey – I might even throw in a little coconut oil from Tropical Traditions to round out the giveaway nicely!

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  1. Leigh J. says:


    My daughter is going to be 5 in August and she has some issues from time to time with constipation. Her Pediatricians always want us to use the medicine route, you know, giving her Miralax until she poops like a crazy person, but I HATE giving her all of that yucky medicine. I also hate how embarrassed she gets after because she has a lot of accidents. I use coconut oil for just about everything, do I just continue to do that or is there something else you recommend? Thanks!

  2. How much coconut oil do you intake to help with this?

    • Well, that really depends. It truly varies person to person. My advice is to start at one tablespoon per day for a few days. If nothing happens, add in a second tablespoon. Keep doing this until you find the right amount. You will know when you got it right!

  3. This is great information! I’m going to definitely try some of these tips. Just for clarification, when you say “take one to two teaspoons” do you mean via mouth or otherwise?

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  5. Thank you for sharing this! I’m currently pregnant and had issues with constipation during my first trimester (I believe due to altered diet and having to stop my daily probiotic thanks to nausea). I am fairly new to coconut oil, so far using it only externally. I did however discover on my own the ‘lubricating’ method you described and can attest it helps with hemroids and associated irritability. I will definitely remember to take some if I have future issues. It’s also GREAT for stretch marks- which I’m sure you already knew.

  6. Hilarious post!! It cracked me up so much I had tears rolling down my cheeks! Thank you!

  7. A quick (or not so quick) question. You mentioned in your post that in some cases, coconut oil can cause constipation. Can you elaborate on this a little? I recently started taking coconut oil, have been eating a real food diet for about 3 years, and generally have 1 poop per day. About a week after starting to take coconut oil (1/2-1 tsp, 3 x per day, before meals), I got constipated. I didn’t poop for 2 days, pooped once, didn’t poop for 2 days again. I was also taking potato starch, but have taken it before, and have never had a reaction to it. Wondering if it could be the coconut oil, and why, and what I can do about it…Thanks so much for your input.

    • Hi Alena! Well, the short version is that in some people new to coconut oil, it can cause a detox reaction that plugs things up. Basically, it is so busy absorbing and flushing out the yuck in your system that is clogs things up. Now it is possible that the potato starch is the culprit so my advice is to take both out, then wait a few days. Add coconut oil back in and see what happens. If you get backed up, you know you have some flushing out to do. I highly recommend this product for gently keeping things moving: It is simply magnesium. Start with a teaspoon before bed and increase until you are getting easy-to-move poops daily. You can stay on this product as long as you need to. There is no true reason why some people react one way while others react another way. it really just depends on what is going on in your body. So try to help keep things moving for a while as the coconut oil does its work. Good luck!


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