My Essential Oil Experiment – How I Treated an Abscess Successfully

Did you hear the one about a sweet mama named Jennifer? She grew a tail that one day turned into Frankenbutt?

I’ll let you go back and read the posts that explain how this whole thing started if you are intrigued because today I have so much goodness to share!

I know enough about essential oils to be dangerous. I took an Essential Oil 101 type of course before I wrote Coconut Oil For Your Skin. I wanted to make sure that I not only used the correct essential oils for the conditions I was hoping to help but that I was also not using an oil that might be considered “dangerous” if used in too high of a quantity or in conjunction with other essential oils. I also wanted to get a firm handle on how various essential oils react with sun exposure. And while I learned enough to create some really nourishing recipes, I still had a lot to learn about the various brands of essential oils.

Over the past 18 months I have done an incredible amount of research on the various essential oil companies out there. Many other bloggers have as well and it has been pretty interesting to follow along on their journey. Some of the findings have prompted me to do my own research and others have left me shaking my head in disbelief because I know that the information presented is completely fabricated in an effort to earn a fast buck.

Now, this is not a post where I talk smack about any specific essential oil company. That isn’t who I am. And truth be told, there are a lot of quality essential oils out there. I have used A LOT of oils from MANY companies, Young Living, Be Young, Aura Cacia, and DoTerra to name some of the more well-known brands.  In fact, you may recall Carrie (Young Living Oil Lady) who shared a lot of great content on my blog about essential oil uses. While she is not contributing currently, Carrie played a key role in helping me determine how to go about finding the kind of quality essential oils I was after.

Fast forward to April 2013. I was happily using essential oils from Young Living and Be Young. They met my needs, were affordable, and insofar as I could tell, did what they were supposed to do. Until….

My tail grew back!

(For those of you who did not go back and read my “tail of woe”, I had a growth below my tailbone that abscessed in November 2010, I had removed in April 2011, which kicked off my 19 month colitis flare).

When I had my tail removed, the doctor warned me that these particular growths have a 50% rate of return. Not awesome. But I was cautiously optimistic that I would be able to stay tail free for many years.

No such luck. Dang thing came back 22 months post-surgery.

I was peeved. I mean, really? I don’t even get a full 2 years without a tail bothering me?

The doctor told me we needed to keep it from accessing until the 3 year post-surgery mark. Since that area is so delicate, having another surgery so soon could lead to some tissue issues. This basically means that the area around the surgery could sort of implode from not having enough tissue to properly support the area.

Again, not awesome. Who wants the top of their butt crack caving in?

I was determined to keep my tail happy and healthy. But it wasn’t meant to be! In early May I overdid it with the sitting (I basically should not have been doing much, if any sitting at all) and my tail started getting puffy, red, and warm. I knew what was happening. It was only a matter of days before the darn thing abscessed on me.

I was miserable. I was in major pain. I was scared. And I was doing EVERYTHING I could to draw out the infection and keep my tail from a full blown abscess.

Clay and turmeric poultices were not working. Consuming gobs of coconut oil, oil of oregano, and garlic weren’t helping. The abscess was spreading, the pain was getting worse, and I was started to accept the fact that things were going downhill quickly.

I did a ton of research and determined that I needed to apply an essential oil compress. The compress was a mix of lavender and chamomile to soothe the inflammation along with thyme essential oil and tea tree oil to help break of the infection. I had all of these oils but they were not doing what they were supposed to do.

I decided to call in a favor from my dear friend Lauren of Spiral Elixir.

Lauren had been working feverishly for months and months to create a line of the highest quality essential oils you could purchase affordably in the United States. I was a part of her journey, learning from her research, sending her what information I had, offering suggestions, providing feedback. I was BURSTING with excitement when she finally was ready to move forward with the Spiral Elixir line of essential oils. And yet, I had to keep it a secret from all of you for months. I didn’t want to but I had to.

So when my tail abscessed and the remaining essential oils I had failed me, I message Lauren begging her to please rush me the oils that I desperately needed. I was hoping that since her oils were of a much higher quality than the ones I was using, that they would somehow work when the others did not. While Lauren was technically not ready to distribute her oils, she came through for me and I had my essential oils two days later.

It wasn’t a moment too soon either!

My abscess was at the point of raging out of control. I took a deep breath and slathered the area in Thyme oil. 10 seconds later and I about called the fire department to put the fire on my tail out. Holy goodness! That oil was STRONG! I stupidly used the same amount I had been using from my other essential oil brand without bothering to test it for potency. Well, lesson learned. The Spiral Elixir brand of oils are crazy potent. Which honestly makes them even more affordable because you do not have to use as much as some of the other brands. Win!

My Essential Oil Experiment – How I Treated an Abscess Successfully: Follow Me on Pinterest Fast forward two days later. I had been using the same blend of oils as before (lavender, chamomile, thyme, and tea tree) in a little compress hourly. After the first day, the area became much less hard (it was like I had a silver dollar sized boulder under my skin) and on day two, it was actually pretty squishy. I was ecstatic! My essential oil regime was working to kill the infection, break it up, and bring relief to my poor, sore tail. While the growth still remains (it is about the size of a half dollar) all of the inflammation and infection was gone after 5 days.

I had used the other brands of essential oils for 4 days (in a higher concentration mind you) with no results. In 5 days, using Lauren’s oils, I was able to avoid a harsh dose of antibiotics, relieve some of my misery, and stall another surgical procedure until September sometime.

You might think that I am writing this post for the sole purpose of promoting the Spiral Elixir line of essential oils. I sort of am but I sort of am not.

Firstly, I wanted to share that an abscess CAN be treated with the right blend of essential oils. Every abscess is different so the oils you may use might vary but typically, the four I used would be the most effective.

Second, I wanted to illustrate that just because something doesn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it won’t work at all. As I experienced first-hand, quality has a huge impact on the end result. While it is possible that the other brands of essential oils would have eventually helped my abscess, I got more immediate and effective relief when I used oils of superior quality.

My Essential Oil Experiment – How I Treated an Abscess Successfully: Follow Me on Pinterest

I sincerely hope that you visit the Spiral Elixir shop to check out all the great oils Lauren offers. If there is an oil that is NOT listed that you REALLY WANT, use this awesome custom order form and Lauren will get make it happen! You can learn all about her oils on her website. Lauren even offers a really comprehensive guide to using essential oils. Plus, I know Lauren, I trust Lauren, and I respect the amount of time and energy she devoted to finding the best sources for the highest quality essential oils. Plus she is a work-at-home-mama and I ALWAYS prefer to support a mama over a large company.
I hope you never wake up one day and discover that you are growing a tail, but should you, and that tail decides to abscess, be sure to head over to Spiral Elixir and stock up on Lavender, Chamomile, Tea Tree Oil, and Thyme!

And of course, you can stock up on other great oils, roll-ons, and spritzers even if you don’t have a tail to tend to!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I am NOT an affiliate for Spiral Elixir. And even if Lauren was not my in-real-life-friend, I would still think her essential oils were the best. Because they are. The end.


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  2. […] about my personal experience with these essential oils! I actually wrote an entire post about My Essential Oil Experiment as it related to a growth that was abscessing below my tailbone. You can come back and read that […]

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