Feeding Cats A Diet of Whole Raw Foods

Confession time…

I once had a lot of cats. And by a lot, I mean A LOT! You see, I used to literally live at the base of the levee next to our local river. So literally, I could take 100 steps and be standing in the river.

Well, with river living comes all kinds of critters, feral cats being one of them. I am a huge sucker for animals. I have always been involved in animal rescue in one fashion or another.

Over the course of a few years, I worked hard to spay/neuter hundreds of feral cats. Not only was I physically doing all the trapping, vet transportation, recovery care, and release but I was also a grant writer for a couple of different animal rescue organizations. I brought in tens of thousands of dollars which we used for spay and neuter programs.

Well…with feral cat spay and neuter comes sick and injured animals. And with sick an injured animals comes someone like me with a huge heart, a tiny apartment, and a spare room turned into a recovery ward.

Long story short, I ended up with lots of feral cats turned housecats simply because they needed lifelong care. In order to keep expenses under control, I fed them all a good quality commercial pet food. Or so I thought.

Over the years I have learned so much more about feeding domestic animals. If I knew then what I know now, I would have fed my cats an all raw diet from the get-go. Sure, with the amount of mouths I was feeding it would have been a lot of work but I guarantee that my cats would not have dealt with the health issues that ultimately led to their deaths. And no – not all of my cats passed away. I still have 6.)

Switching to or starting a raw diet for your pet can seem daunting. More so for cats because their eating habits are quite a bit different than dogs, or so it would seem.

Raw-Fed-Cats Follow Me on Pinterest Raw Fed Cats is a book that I am enchanted by right now. Linda Zurich, research junkie and lifelong cat lover, has created a resource that truly is invaluable. While she offers a free website, this companion eBook truly has all the information you will ever need in one place.

So let’s cut to the chase shall we?

This book is well organized, eye-opening, and palatable. And by that, I mean that the lay person with no knowledge of a raw food pet diet will be able to follow along. Linda leaves no stone unturned and literally covers everything!

Raw Fed Cats is a 165 page volume that begins with a wonderful introduction describing Linda’s personal story of how she first discovered raw feeding. She shares her apprehensions she felt in the beginning, and explains how they were overcome on the learning curve she experienced as she explored this subject more deeply and transitioned her own two cats to raw food. I think anyone neww to a raw food diet will relate to this!

The A-Z FAQ section is by far the most valuable area of the book. It makes up the bulk of this eBook and is derived from nearly a thousand emails written by Linda over the years. It is comprised of her detailed, in depth responses to dozens and dozens of the most frequently asked questions posed to Linda by her readers since the website first went online early in 2006. There is nothing missing from the 24 categories covered here. Cost is covered in depth along with specific information on food categories like eggs, dairy, fish, liver, etc… Linda even talks about cat poop and what it should look like on a raw diet!

What else can you find in Raw Fed Cats?

  • The entire 8 part text of the Raw Fed Cats website
  • 5 galleries of photographs
  • A list of relevant links and resources for further reading, exploration and support.

The research Linda presents is eye opening especially when coupled with her personal experience. After reading this book, it is difficult for me to continue feeding my geriatric cats commercial dry cat food. Linda offers such a gentle way to make the transition to a raw food diet that it is almost impossible to not be successful with it. And so…I think I have found a new challenge for this Fall!

Final thoughts…

Raw Fed Cats is a clear and comprehensive strategy for feeding your cat based on the way Nature feeds all carnivores. It is a must have resource chalk full of solid research, easy to understand basics, lots of troubleshooting, and passion. Yes, passion. Linda makes you WANT to get back to nature and feed your cat the way she is supposed to eat!

For anyone out there looking for sound, concise information about feeding cats a raw food diet, this is a must have. The great part is that it is available as part of the Harvest Your Health bundle. You get over 70 other books, many of which I know you will love, even if you don’t need them right now. (For more information on how to manage the contents of a large bundle of eBooks, check out the post I wrote about it!) Also, don’t forget that I am donating ALL of my commission from the Harvest Your Health bundle sale to the children of my husband’s best friend Tony, who was murdered recently. (Learn more in this post). So please be sure to use my link to purchase. 

Thank you for supporting my fundraiser with your Bundle purchase!

If you prefer to purchase Raw Fed Cats and not the bundle, can you do so here:



  1. This sounds like a great book full of valuable and interesting information!

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