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333 Uses For Coconut Oil

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…e the oil in liquid form. Fractionated is used most often as a superfatting oil in soaps; in skin-care lotions, cream and similar products to give emolliency; in massage oil blends (famous for not staining the sheets); as a carrier oil for essential oils, vitamins and actives; and in medicines. It i…

Coconut Oil Unleashed – Reader Questions, Answered

Coconut Oil Unleashed – Reader Questions, Answered

After I posted 80 Ways To Use Coconut Oil (and then 333 Uses for Coconut Oil), I started receiving a lot of great questions. Instead of responding in the comments, on Facebook, and on other links to my post, I thought that I would gather everyone’s questions in one place. This post is pretty long but I think it is … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Natural Oils as Sun Protection

Natural Oils as Sun Protection:

…most all of these oils can also be found on amazon. I have linked to those oils I like best. Here is a list of the natural oils that can be used as sunscreens: Red Raspberry Seed Oil – Red raspberry seeds contain high levels of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids in addition to antioxid…

Essential Oils and Sun Protection

…ome Carrie Raab back as a guest poster! I am loving her posts on all things essential oil and hope you are too! Thank you Carrie for taking the time to share your essential oil expertise as it relates to staying safe in the sun! ***************** It is almost summer and that means fun in the sun! Wh…

Which Coconut Oil I Use And Why

Which Coconut Oil I Use and Why:

…the fact that Tropical Traditions offers one of the highest quality coconut oils available in the form of their Gold Label Coconut Oil (which is hand-pressed in small batches), there are a whole host of reasons why you should do business with them. Here are just a few highlights: They offer 3 diffe…

Natural Bug Spray

It’s Summertime- that means, GET OUT THE BUG SPRAY! I love summer time, don’t you? The sun shining down, the fresh air, outdoor parties, daylight savings time and with all of that fun comes the mosquitoes, deer flies, no see ‘ems, and other pesky insects looking for their next meal… you! When you think of bug spray, what normally comes … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Natural Pet First Aid Using Melaleuca Oil

Natural Pet First Aid Using Melaleuca Oil:

…230;patience is required. Some types of warts will not respond to melaleuca oil, but if the wart is bothersome, it’s certainly worth a try. High-quality Melaleuca oil is available from most reputable herbalists and natural health stores, and anywhere quality essential oils are sold. Many of t…

Jump Start Your Health With Coconut Oil (A Round Up of Over 80 Coconut Oil Recipes Plus Over 30 Informational Posts)

Jump Start Your Health With Coconut Oil (A Round Up of All Things Coconut Oil) :

Coconut Oil was THE product of 2013. It took the world by storm. Everywhere you turned, someone was taunting its health benefits. Slowly, coconut oil was making its comeback and by the end of 2013, it was practically in every home around the world. (Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration but I think it…

How To Make Sunscreen Using Coconut Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, and Raspberry Seed Oil

How To Make Sunscreen Using Coconut Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, and Raspberry Seed Oil:

…ose to use the ingredients that I do. So first up, please check out Coconut Oil For Sun Protection. That will give you the scoop on why I use coconut oil as my base in this recipe. After you have digested that info, head over Natural Oils for Sun Protection. This is an important post. It gets down a…

Giveaway: Essential Oil Prize Package from Spiral Elixir – ARV$42 {August 10}

…is offering one of our readers a giveaway of one 5ml “Recover” Essential Oil Blend; one 5ml “Moon Time” Essential Oil Blend; and one “Energy Cleansing” Spritzer , a value of $42.00. Essential oils and blends are a natural way to prevent, treat, heal, and calm a v…

Coconut Health

Can You Overdose on Coconut Oil?

…se it provides many health benefits beyond its nutritional content. Coconut oil is of special interest because it possesses healing properties far beyond that of any other dietary oil and is extensively used in traditional medicine among Asian and Pacific populations. Pacific Islanders consider coco…

Essential Oils Versus Herbs Plus Cooking With EOs (Guest Post)

Cooking with Essential Oils

Because essential oils are so highly concentrated, they are 50 to 70 times more therapeutically potent than the herbs or plants they are derived from!  Dried herbs lose up to 90% of their healing nutrients and oxygen molecules, whereas essential oils do not. An example of how essential oils compare to herbs:  There are approximately 60 drops of essential oil … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Natural Pregnancy Tips

…illers, and so forth. The FDA only requires 2-3% of the bottle to have pure oil in it, to be labeled 100% pure, organic, or whatever label they want to give it. DO NOT USE THESE!! (All of the recipes are for Young Living Essential Oils… I do not use or recommend any other essential oil, period…

Giveaway: 32 Ounce Jar of Gold Label Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions (Ends 03/09)

…. Ok, I read the first 3 pages worth. Apparently this was the go-to coconut oil in the coconut oil world. I quickly ordered a 32 ounce jar of the Gold Label Coconut Oil to see if indeed this was everything it was cracked up to be. My coconut oil arrived two days later (even with regular shipping) a…

Lavender Essential Oil for Cuts and Burns

Have a cut or burn? OUCH!  Grab the Lavender Essential Oil! Did you know that lavender is known as the “universal oil?” If in doubt, use lavender. Young Living Lavender essential oil is an oil that every person should have. It is an antiseptic, antibacterial, sedative, anti-inflammatory oil and no family or home should be without this oil. I wonder … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

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