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My Small Business Focused Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. Consumerism gone wild. (Sorry – had to throw that in there).  Every year, I vow to be much more conservative in my gift giving. Due to the clash of religious cultures in our home, we do not celebrate Christmas in any major way. Tiny and I incorporate it into … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Comparision Shopping, Food Storage, and a 30 Day Experiment

Welcome to the 30 Days of Change Blog Carnival hosted by Living Peacefully With Children and Hybrid Rasta Mama. In celebration of the New Year and forgotten resolutions , we’re sharing the results of our 30 day commitment to addressing one habit the we either needed to eliminate, reframe, or include in our life. We … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

To Survive and Thrive

Well hello, everyone! I am Cara Jean and this is my first contribution to the lovely Hybrid Rasta Mama’s blog. I am thrilled to share some of my reflections here. Jennifer saw something I mentioned in one of the first posts to my own blog about how I plan to write on “what it takes … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Ebook Update, Essential Oils Giveaway, and More Coconut Oil Coming Your Way

My first Ebook was going to launch today. Well, today is here and I am still working on a few design issues. My goal is to launch the Ebook no later than March 25th. For those of you who have been waiting, thank you for your patience. For those of you who know nothing about my … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

eBook Bundle Burnout and How to Optimize Your Bundle Purchase (Plus Win a $25 Gift Certificate to Tropical Traditions Just For Being You!)

It seems like 2013 was the year of the eBook bundle! At first, it was pretty thrilling. All these amazing products in one bundle for next to nothing. But then, it became bundle-mania and everybody and their mother was offering bundle upon bundle of eBooks. I have been in my fair share of bundles as … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Learning About Diversity by Honoring Your Child’s Multiple Heritages

Welcome to the July 2013 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Learning About Diversity This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have shared how they teach their children to embrace and respect the variety of people and cultures that … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Health Library Bundle Sale (Plus You Can Win A $100 Gift Certificate or 4 Other Prizes If You Purchase Through My Link)

How incredible would it be if with one click of a button, you could own almost every book you would ever need to create the perfect health library? While I am sure that your answer is ‘yes,’ you are probably wondering how this would even be affordable. After all, natural health resources are not always … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

10 Easy Ways to Save Money & Cut Your Family Budget

Today I am hosting a guest post on some simple ways to save money! I like how easy these are to incorporate into busy lives! Enjoy! Cutting expenses does not have to be difficult. Saving around the home is easy, and there are plenty of great places to start. Entertainment, dining out and hobbies are … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Speaking Portuglish: How the Bilingugal thing works for us (Guest Post from Loving Earth Mama)

Welcome to the first edition of  The Blogger on Blogger Post Swap. On the last Wednesday of each month, I will be featuring a post from a fellow blogger that I love and admire and who I have developed a genuine connection with. In turn, that blogger will feature a post written by yours truly … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Sunday Surf – November 20, 2011

I love reading other blogger’s comprehensive and entertaining Sunday Surf posts. I always find some gems in each one. Time, energy, and Tiny keep me from participating in this Sunday ritual however, I realized that some of you might actually enjoy this sort of post. I tend to link all of my good finds on … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!