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Health Library Bundle Sale (Plus You Can Win A $100 Gift Certificate or 4 Other Prizes If You Purchase Through My Link)

How incredible would it be if with one click of a button, you could own almost every book you would ever need to create the perfect health library? While I am sure that your answer is ‘yes,’ you are probably wondering how this would even be affordable. After all, natural health resources are not always … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

My Eyes Are Wide Open; A Series About My Journey To Better Health Through A Nourishing, Traditional, Real Food Diet (Part 1 – Background Information and The Basics)

So right away I am sure that the word “diet” stuck out like a sore thumb in my blog title. Most body image conscious woman (I have yet to meet one who is not) out there routinely obsesses over their weight and are trying to find the next best diet to lose weight. Don’t get … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

12 Resources To Optimize Nutrition

Today I would like to take the time to share a few of my favorite real food recipe resources that are an integral part of the Health Library Bundle Sale! Now I know that one of my top reasons that YOU should own this bundle was that it wasn’t recipe book focused, but I do … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Foods For Depression? Eat Well, Eat Wild

Today I am very excited to share a guest post from Amanda Rose of Traditional Foods. Rebuild from Depression: A Nutrient Guide by Amanda Rose, Ph.D. and Annell Mavrantonis, M.D. is probably one of the most important book on depression in pregnancy and postpartum, although I feel that the content can be applied on a … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Similac Now Has Formula For Moms

It was only a matter of time. Formula companies, in a fit a frustration over all of the potential profit they could be making, had to find a way to get inside the pocketbook of pregnant and breastfeeding moms. After all, breastfeeding moms are most likely not purchasing formula. Formula companies see this as lost … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Toxic Breastmilk?

Toxic Breastmilk:

If human breastmilk came stamped with an ingredients label, it might read something like this: 4 percent fat, vitamins A, C, E and K, lactose, essential minerals, growth hormones, proteins, enzymes and antibodies. In a healthy woman, it contains 100 percent of virtually everything a baby needs to survive, plus an assortment of extras to … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Strawberry & Blueberry Butter Candy – A Kid Approved Treat

Strawberry & Blueberry Butter Candy from

Butter Candies … yes, I said butter. It’s about time that the mainstream media is finally acknowledging that butter is healthy + good for you. Yay! In fact, saturated fats like butter are essential for our bodies. Yes indeed, butter is a nutrient-dense superfood. It’s full of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Confessions of a Former Vegetarian

Confessions of a Former Vegetarian

Last week I was engaged in a Facebook conversation with Kelly from Kelly Naturally as well as Stefanie from Very, Very Fine. Both are long time vegetarians and extremely healthy ones at that. We got into a brief discussion about my being a former vegetarian and after mentioning that I left that nutritional lifestyle behind … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!

Let’s Talk About Fats Baby!

Let's Talk About Fats Baby:

Did you read yesterday’s post on My Journey To Better Health Through A Nourishing, Traditional, Real Food Diet? If not, you should! This post will make a lot more sense that way! Goodness how I LOVE fat! Honestly, I forgot how much I loved it and how good it tastes. I am overjoyed that I … Keep Reading! You Know You Want To!